Boss Babes in March


March came and went in a blink of an eye. I celebrated International Women’s Month throughout all of March. Women have come a very long way and still have a very long way to go but we are getting there day by day. I wanted to do something special to celebrate women. Being connected to so many amazing women you never know what one person can do for another. To show my appreciation for these women, I put together an intimate event hosted by The Rustic Brush in Sugarland.

The Rustic Brush is located all around Houston and it is an amazing crafting experience. How it works is you pick a design and you create your project from start to finish. First you sand your wood, stain it, and use your handy WOman skills to put the wood pieces together. You get to pick your colors for your design and create your own master piece in your own unique way.

IMG_6267 2.JPG

I am so appreciative of all of my sponsors and businesses that collaborated with me for this event. I really wanted to shine some light to these businesses that are not only local but are owned by WOMEN!!


Brand new business in Katy!! The cheese bar put together the most beautiful charcuterie board for my event. This is a hispanic woman owned business! She puts so much detail and thought into her boards and everything was fresh and tasty! Gracias!!

Find her on Instagram to get your charcuterie board for any of your events.

You know I couldn’t have an event without my best friend’s COOKIES!

Kookieskat is a one WOman bakery. She does it ALL.

She made custom cookies and had special packaging for all of my gals!

Heaven in a Jar is located in Sugarland and is a mother and daughter business.

Their desserts WERE TO DIE FOR! My favorite was the Brownie delight.

Find them on Instagram and check out their location in Sugarland. Let them know PattyTellsAll referred you!

I cannot express my gratitude to Cholé, Owner of Mixologi - My drink bomb.

She is the definition of a total BOSS BABE. Her drink bombs are so refreshing and now you can even purchase them at participating SPEC’s!

You can find Mixologi on Facebook or Instagram!

The succulent bar provided the cutest succulents for my guest to take home! Finishing the extra detail with Glamfetti’s boss babe toppers!

Made sure these ladies had some fuel for the event and for the rest of their morning!

Thank you HighBrew Coffee!

It’s not a Patty event without Austin East Ciders!

Thank you so much to The Rustic Brush for being such a great host!

They host any kind of event and they do weekly classes!

Check them out on Instagram or their website!

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.
— Hellen Keller

Pattytellsall Blogiversary Mixer

What a time to be alive! I hosted my very first mixer a little over a week ago (1/18/2019) in honor of my blog turning one. (My blog actually turned one on 1/26/2019). I was nervous and excited for the event. I worked with SO many great sponsors and my event wouldn’t have been successful without them.

The event took place at The Union Houston - an art gallery that is also a venue for events. Union was the best place I could have had to host the event. The space was perfect! At the event there was a preview of Union’s newest art exhibition, Prima Materia which is by two local hispanic artist, Darwin Arevalo & Grace Zuñiga. If you are planning an event and need a venue, check out The Union. The space is perfect for any event. A special thank you to Theresa and The Union for hosting my mixer!

la vie est douce
Miradela  knows the love I have for conchas and Pan Dulce. She sponsored the famous  El Bolillo Bakery  conchas. Thank you Gabby for being sweet like pan dulce!!

Miradela knows the love I have for conchas and Pan Dulce. She sponsored the famous El Bolillo Bakery conchas. Thank you Gabby for being sweet like pan dulce!!

Roxor gin provided their artisan gin and LaShanna with Three Lumps of Sugar whipped up a specialty drink for the event. Austin East Ciders provided their top seller cider - Brut and it’s on my top favorites now.

Every get together needs some good music and that is exactly what DJ RJ delivered! He had the crowd dancing and he made sure to get a feel of the atmosphere to ensure everyone enjoyed the mixer. If you’re looking for a Dj, RJ is your guy!!

Who doesn’t love a photo booth?! Selfies-R-Us brought the fun with the photo booth. You were able to take a photo home AND send a digital copy to your phone. They also designed the background of the prints and I must say, it went perfect with my popcorn theme.

If you’re looking for a photo booth for any event I highly recommend Selfies-R-Us!

Giant yellow balloon w/ tassels & Balloon garland in the photobooth backdrop was provided by @Glamfettico

Lovehandle  designed popcorn theme lovehandles for all of my guest! I am a very proud lovehandle user which has made selfie taking a piece of cake!! Thank you  LOVEHANDLE !!!

Lovehandle designed popcorn theme lovehandles for all of my guest! I am a very proud lovehandle user which has made selfie taking a piece of cake!! Thank you LOVEHANDLE!!!

Blo Montrose set up a braid bar for all of my guest to get a braid done at the event. I have been getting my blow outs from Blo and they did my makeup and hair for the event! If you have any events coming up, or if you’re anything like me and just love bouncy hair, Blo will take care of you!

Mentioned code patty10 at checkout and received 10% off your services.

All photos were taken by @Mybeautifulphotos2017

Make sure to follow @Mybeautifulphotos2017 to see her latest creations and to book a session!

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate with me. I did not expect the outcome and response I did and I am overwhelmed with gratitude. This year of blogging has taken me out of my comfort zone, has helped me gain a piece of confidence I was missing and it connected me with some amazing people.

Thank you to all of my sponsors, my event would not have been what it was without each and every one of y’all!


At Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work?


There is no hiding the fact that I am a busy bee. Every day is a different agenda, morning school drop off, work, school, events, etc. With a tight schedule it is hard to find time to go get whitening treatments done. I have mentioned before, I am obsessed with teeth. (Random, I know). Being in front of the camera so much, I know a white smile is important. Smile Brilliant exceeded my expectations on the teeth whitening and I couldn’t be more excited to share my experience and all about it.

Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.
— Thich Nhat Hanh

Smile brilliant has made my teeth whitening experience easy and I was impressed by how effective the treatments are.

The kit comes with the following;


Here is a quick rundown of what I did when I got my Smile Brilliant Whitening kit. When I received my whitening kit I started with making my impressions for my trays. You mix the catalyst and base paste. I rolled mine into a ball until both were blending perfectly and I spread it evenly on the impression tray (make sure you do this fairly quickly because it will harden) I put the impression tray on my upper teeth pushed up and let it harden for 30 seconds to a minute. I repeated the same step for my bottom teeth. I let the trays sit overnight and I mailed them back to Smile Brilliant.

These are my impressions and the stamped envelope to send them back to Smile Brilliant!

These are my impressions and the stamped envelope to send them back to Smile Brilliant!

Within 2 weeks I received my trays to start my whitening process. I wasn’t sure how well my teeth would take to the whitening gel but to my surprise I did not have any issues or pain. The first night I opened up my first whitening gel and put a dot on each tooth (in the tray) and left my trays on for about 45 minutes. I wanted to get a feel of how the trays felt, how my teeth would feel, and how to adjust to anything if needed. I waited 3 days and I repeated the same steps except this time I put in my trays earlier. After dinner I brushed my teeth and then immediately put the trays on. I left the trays on for 3 hours. During that time I was able to catch up on emails, do homework, and a load of laundry. Since the trays are made from your impressions, they are a perfect fit. I could still talk and I was still getting stuff done while whitening my teeth!

It got to the point that after lunch at work I would put my trays on so I could leave them on longer. My teeth were able to handle having the trays on for 3 hours at a time but I did not do the treatment everyday. After the 3rd day of the whitening treatment I could already see a difference. The process was so easy and I was surprised how quickly I could tell a difference. Within 2 weeks of treatments I had people asking me how are my teeth so white. SMILE BRILLIANT of course!



Before and After

Before and After

When trying something new you really are not sure what to expect. My teeth were not that bad but as mentioned, I am obsessed and wanted a whiter smile. The whitening process was so simple. What I really liked is how I was able to still run my errands and do things that I needed while the trays were in place whitening my teeth. Here are a couple of questions that I have been asked;

  • Did you experience any pain or were your teeth sensitive afterwards?

    • No, I did not experience any pain at all. The days I left my trays in for multiple hours, I had very little sensitivity. I did not eat anything right after I took the trays out and avoided cold water.

  • Is it a long process?

    • The process can be however long or short that you want it to be. I did the treatment twice a week for 4 weeks. I have enough whitening gel to do another 2-4 treatments if needed.

  • Do I have to use all the whitening gel?

    • Nope, the gel is good for 6 months to a year.

  • What if I run out of whitening gel, do I need to buy another kit?

    • No, you can purchase just the whitening gel online!

  • Were the trays uncomfortable?

    • Not at all! My son couldn’t notice when I had the trays in. I could still talk and they fit perfectly.

Overall, I loved the kit and how effective it was. I drink wine, I drink coffee, and I am a busy bee. The kit made it easily to do the process at my own pace. We don’t all have a lot of time and this made it easy for this mom to whiten her teeth! I will warn you, I think my smile got bigger LOL!


Since I loved my results so much, I want to give you an opportunity to get a whitening kit as well! (Value $149.00) entering is SUPER easy! Just click the link below.

If you want to skip the giveaway and go ahead and purchase your whitening kit, you can receive 15% off with coupon code: pattytellsall15

Be sure to follow both Smile Brilliant (@smilebrilliant) and me (@Pattytellsall) on Instagram

xoxo patty.png

Oh, HEY 2019!

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2019! I have to say, 2018 was all over the place for me. I started the blog, I took 3 classes at school knowing that it was already too much for me to handle, I worked full time, and I had Elijah in sports. I put more than I could handle on my plate but I made it work. Now I am here, in 2019 and I am pumped for what is ahead.


Minor maintenance is coming

Maintenance? Yep, I started with a PattyTellsAll logo! I am going to slowly start to revamp my website and blog. I will have categories for my posts, [Food, events, brands, beauty, photography] Yep, I will have a category for PattyPics|Photography. I want the website and blog to be user friendly and for everyone to utilize it as best as possible.

Check out my new logo, designed and created by ME!

Check out my new logo, designed and created by ME!

2019 News and announcements

I am proud to announce that I am officially on board with Zipkick! I will be taking part in their Houston region as a brand ambassador. This is a great opportunity for myself as an influencer and someone who is currently studying and majoring in communication in public relations and advertising.

Zipkick Brand Ambassador Badge(1).png

I am also still in school and hoping to transfer to UH in the fall, WISH ME LUCK!

If you follow me on instagram, which I hope you do, you will start to notice a new flow to my photos and postings. I am excited to start working with new brands this year, one of them being Kroger. I have some upcoming campaigns with them and I am excited to broaden PattyTellsAll demographic. I will also expand the foodie portion of my posts and stories!

What’s to come

PattyTellsAll turns ONE January 26! Where did the time go?!? Something I told myself was that I will start writing more so with that being said, I will be posting 2-3 posts a MONTH. Am I crazy? Maybe? But this is something I want to do. I started all of this to write and that is what I intend to do. Some upcoming posts I have are;

  • Smile Brilliant whitening kit details

  • PattyTellsAll Post mixer

  • Valentine’s Datenight guide

  • Valentine’s gift guide for him and her

  • St.Patrick’s Day hot spots

  • Burger spots in Houston

  • Mon - Thur Steak night spots

  • Pupusa recipe & pupusa restaurants in Houston

There is so much to come and I am so positive about this year.

Thank you for being here, thank you for reading, and thank you for the continuous support. I turned an idea into something real and something that I didn’t know I was so passionate about. Let’s make this THE YEAR, the best year!

xoxo patty.png

Visit Honduras

It’s no secret that I am Central American, I show my Salvadorean pride high and proud but did you know there are 5 countries in Central America? Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Honduras. I had the privilege of getting together with a friend who is visiting from Honduras to talk about the tourism there!

Ana and I sat down and I asked for about the tourism in Honduras. We talked about their culture, their food, their beaches, and beauty. By the end of our talk I was ready to book my vacation and go visit Honduras for myself. Before getting down to business about our interview here are some facts you probably did not know about Honduras.

  • The country is well on its way to record a tourism spend increase of over US$20 million

  • The country is expected to close the year receiving 7 percent additional overnight tourist arrivals when compared to 2017

  • Estimated increase of 15% in cruise ship passengers - Houston being one of the largest source markets.

  • Honduras covers 111,890 square kilometers of land and 200 square kilometers of water, making it the 103rd largest nation in the world with a total area of 112,090 square kilometers.

Tourism in Honduras

I really don’t think we give Central America enough credit. The pictures above show the the beautiful scenery from Honduras. Ana Lucia Funes Trejo is so passionate and proud of her country. With over 700 KM of clear blue water and white sand Ana had a hard time picking her favorite beach.

One of the top rated beaches is Roatán, Bay Islands. Roatán is a beautiful beach that you can snorkel, swim with the dolphins, and scuba dive. Whether you are adventurous and want to zip line or you love nature and want to bird watch, Honduras is some where you can do that.

Eating the best seafood you can, you will not go hungry in Honduras. What makes Honduras a great place to travel is the culture and how the minute you show up you will be welcomed with open arms by the genuine, friendly people of Honduras.

The estimated currency exchange rate is 28 lempiras per $1 (American dollar) making Honduras very affordable.

If you haven’t traveled to Honduras, I really recommend adding it to your places to visit. I am already planning a 2019 trip to Honduras, will you be joining me?

Watch my interview with Ana where she answers all of my questions about Traveling and visiting Honduras!

xoxo patty.png

HOU Shop Local Holiday Gift Guide

shop loal.png

Did you know small business day is November 24, 2018?! What better way to get your Holiday shopping done than to also support a local business? I have gathered some of my favorite local boss babes to put together a Houston Holiday Gift Guide. This guide will include some of my favorite gifts and my favorite local shops with majority of gifts under $50!!

holiday guide(3).jpg

This boss babe has the perfect sports gear for both woman and men. From Texans, Astros, to Rockets, SLD has everything for your sport fans. If you love Texas as much as every other Texan you can never go wrong with a all things Texas tee. This year SLD has a holiday box that is under $50.


Who needs some trendy and cute jewelry?! Mantra boutique has the cutest necklaces and earrings. I have pretty much converted to all things mantra! The amazing thing about her items are that they are not only very trendy and cute, but beyond affordable! Their current Black Friday discount code is BF18 and the entire site is 50% off!! So hurry and get your jewelry before she sells out!


The Byke shop is locally owned and they are doing amazing things in the community. They go out and teach kids about riding bikes, cool tricks, and I am amazed of how much they truly do. Of course they had everything for a bike, including bikes but they also have apparel. I recently got their pug sweatshirt and I don’t think I have taken it off since I got it! Their apparel is great for guys or girls!


Carla Sue is keeping Houston dope! This shop has the best and badass Christmas cards for all of your naughty friends. Carla’s Christmas cards are the best ones I have seen. Besides Christmas cards, they have party supplies, koozies, and a “Keep Houston Dope tee”


This is a stocking stuffer MUST! I have retired my popsocket and fully converted over to a lovehandle. These lovehandles are light, cute, and perfect for guys and girls. They are perfect for the entire family. With their different designs and patterns you cannot go wrong adding this to anyones stocking. If you want to get creative, you can even get one personalized. & if all of that wasn’t amazing enough, you can get 10% your entire order with code: Pattytellsall


Spanglish threadz has all the spanish tees a girl can ask for. Their shirts are cute, fun and relatable. From tees, hats, to pins, Spanglish threadz is bringing on the latin pride with her products. AND she has things for the kiddos!!


Who’s a spoiled latina?! Jefita bonita has what you need ladies. From Boss mom, to spoiled latina sweatshirts, she has the gear to make you feel like the boss that you are. Her spoiled latina denim hat is my absolute FAVE, it is so cute and you can wear it with just about anything!


Stocking stuffer alert!! It’s hard to find things for your boss or maybe coworkers, but The carbon crusader is helping us out with her quotes and funny pencils and pens. Whether they are motivational, or telling you to F off, these are the perfect stocking stuffers for all!


For all of our chifladas Miradela has the cutest tee’s and coffee mugs for someone who is sweet like pan dulce! Her tee’s are a SUPER soft material. I have a few of her shirts and have washed them multiple times and they haven’t faded and are still as soft as when I purchased them. Her chiflada coffee mug is something you have to have wrapped under your Christmas tree!


Veronica hand makes all of her jewelry. She is from Venezuela and moved to Nicaragua to when she got married. Raising her family in Nicaragua for years and having her jewelry business their the life in Nicaragua took a turn so she packed her life and her family moved to Houston! What makes her jewelry unique is the way she puts it all together. This is a Venezuelan technique she uses. Modarte was born in the tropical paradise of Nicaragua in 2014. Modarte’s creativity focuses on making 100% handmade accessories using rhinestones and silk threads. It’s unique colors transform any outfit with style and sparkle.


Holiday gifts don’t have to be an item, you can always gift someone a facial or massage. We all know how stressful the holidays are and I think I can vouch for many people to say that we could use a massage! Gift your loved ones a massage for the holidays! Cru Day Spa offers gift cards and you can purchase a service and gift it as well! For some additional savings you can use code Patty30 for 30% off a massage, facial, and additional services!


These huaraches are the MOST comfortable shoes I own. I met this vendor at a photo shoot and I tried on a pair and knew I had to buy them, and like the person I am I bought 2 pair. These have been my go to shoes. They are trendy, comfortable and come in various colors. Raices de colores are handmade Mexican platform huaraches. Made from leather and rubber and they run from sizes 5-10. Leather stretches so i recommend sizing down because they will stretch!


Give the gift of a new book to a reader! Even if you aren’t a reader, you need to get your hands on this book! Sharon Zapata is a phenomenal woman who has published her first book and rumor has it that she is working on her second book! Her book The Little Book of Start-Up Inspiration: 20 Lessons learned the hard way dammit... from the most outrageous year of my entrepreneurial life is perfect for everyone!



Someone gift me all the Onata candles!! I don’t know how they do it, but these candles and bar soaps are the best smelling things I have smelt in a LONG time! She sprayed a paper floral gift I received 3 weeks ago, and it still smells! The smells are not over baring but they last. This gives all gifts the perfect little touch it needs!

Please remember, small businesses make their living from local supporters! Before going to the mall, and purchasing things elsewhere, take a look at all your local businesses. Supporting local businesses a big thing for me and I hope that This guide is helpful! From my family to yours,


Now Let’s go shopping!!


Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice

IMG_4957 3.JPG

October is one of my favorite times of year! Pumpkin patches, fall festivals, and Halloween events. For years I would get Elijah 2 costumes, one for festivals and one for Halloween, yep I am that mom. DIY costumes, OH YEAH, sign me up! Now he is older and wants to be a Fortnite player (BORING) but regardless of what he wants to be, I am going to make sure we go to many fun events. I have gathered upcoming events for you to check out!

Kids & Family Friendly Events

Cinco Ranch YMCA - Fall Festival & Trunk or Treat

22807 Westheimer Pkwy. Katy 77494 

Saturday , October 20th // 4pm - 6pm

This is a FREE event! Elijah and I have attended this event for many years, and it never disappoints. This is a smaller event for all ages. They have a Halloween costume contest for different ages, a dj, and trunk or treating.

SCREAM ON THE GREEN - Discovery green

1500 McKinney St, Houston, TX 77010

Friday, October 26th // 6pm - 10pm

This is a FREE event! I have not attended this event in the past, but I do plan to attend this year. There will be games, prizes, Halloween spectacle, a movie, performances by J-Dance Company and Cirque la Vie, living statues, fortune tellers, music and a Halloween costume contest!


Halloween Town - Sugarland Town Center

2711 Plaza Drive, Sugar Land, Texas 77479

Sunday, October 28th // 2pm-6pm

This is a FREE event! Elijah and I go to this EVERY year. We do not miss out on this event as it is my FAVORITE! Sugarland does not disappoint with converting Town Center into Halloween town! Not only is this event great for all ages, it is PET friendly!! They have a major costume contest for different ages, crafting centers, different vendors, free candy, food for purchase, games, and SO much more! If there is an event you shouldn’t miss, it is THIS EVENT!


Zoo Boo - Houston Zoo

6200 Hermann Park Drive. Houston, TX 77030

Starting October 12th

Tickets starting at $15, (Kids under 1 are free) Zoo boo is exciting and a fun way to experience the zoo. They turn the zoo into a Halloween themed attraction. Costume wearing is encouraged! They have crafting centers, a pumpkin patch, a Halloween program / itinerary. Not to mention, hopefully by mid October, the weather should be a little better in Houston!


FM 362 & Morrison Rd. Brookshire, TX 77423

Saturday and Sundays starting Sep.29

Tickets starting at $16, Dewberry farm has one of the biggest pumpkin patches in town. They have great photo opts either with pumpkins, on their huge hay barrel, or in their corn maze. They have a lot of festivities for kids of all ages and also have some amazing food! Make sure to check out the barn with all of their animals and slide down their “sliiiide mountain”!


Halloween Monster Mayhem - Children’s Museum

1500 Binz St, Houston, TX 77004

Starting October 8 - Halloween Night

Tickets staring at $12, Enjoy a day at the museum with the entire family. Come dressed in your costumes to partake in slime making experiments, Halloween themed activities and spooky story telling time! This is perfect for all ages and something a little different to do!

i hope whatever you do, you have the best time! share your photos from events with me on instagram and tag @pattytellsall! Happy October everyone!