Toy Story 4 DIY Pumpkins

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It’s officially OCTOBER!!

Bring out all the pumpkin patches, costumes, and candy corn,….(well maybe not the candy corn LOL). With cooler weather and the Holidays approaching this is the best time for family fun.

Toy Story 4 is probably my favorite Toy Story of them all and on October 8th it will be out on blu-ray dvd. Toy Story is a classic and if you are a parent you probably have seen all of the Toy Story’s by now and now your children have too.

To celebrate October and Toy Story 4 on DVD I decided to do a Toy Story themed pumpkins and share how you can bring the family together to do the same.

What you will need:

  • Pumpkins (any medium size will work)

  • paper or plastic table cloth (it can get messy)

  • Carving set - this can be purchased at any walmart, target, or amazon

  • Woody Template (click to get template)

  • Tape

    For non-carving pumpkins you will need the below (This is perfect for toddlers)

  • Acrylic paint 2 bottles per color- (we got ours at Michael’s for $.79)

  • Woody decorating kit - (Target $10)

  • Red and blue pipe cleaner - (Michael’s has them for .$.99)

  • Glue (Elmers glue or hot glue gun)

  • Different size wiggly eyes (Michael’s has them for $.99)

Carving Pumpkins

  1. Cut the top of the pumpkin in a circle taking the top off and pretty much making it a lid. Clean out all of the seeds and excess pumpkin greatness. Once that is all done you can start on the template.

Photo Sep 29, 15 13 40.jpg

2. Once Step 1 is completed, you will use the carving tool to go in and cut the outline

3. VOILA, you will have the cutest Woody! Add a light inside of the pumpkin and watch Woody glow.

Carve-Free Pumpkins - Forky

Photo Sep 29, 16 03 18.jpg

Before starting you might want to use a paper towel just to wipe the pumpkin clean

  1. Paint the entire pumpkin white (we used 2 layers). Let the paint dry.

  2. Once dry, use the Red pipe Cleaner for the Arms and eyebrow (we forgot hot glue so what I did was I cut a small hole where I wanted the arms and I stuck the arms through the hole and it worked out perfectly. I did the same for the eyebrow)

  3. With the blue Pipe Cleaner, you will make his mouth and you can glue it right on the pumpkin.

  4. Add 2 different shaped wiggly eyes


Carve- free Pumpkins - WOODY

Photo Sep 29, 16 20 41.jpg
  1. Paint the entire pumpkin Yellow. (we used 3 layers and it still wasn’t yellow enough. I would suggest painting the pumpkin with a layer of white first and then the 2nd and 3rd layer being yellow).

  2. Once dry all you have to do is poke the head, arms, and legs where you want them


This woody one is probably the best for toddlers under 4 because it is quick, easy, and doesn’t require any carving tools at all.

Fall time is probably my favorite time because this is the time you are gathering and planning family events. This is a wonderful DIY family event that doesn’t have to be expensive. The Forky Pumpkin was less than $12 and you can use the materials to make more than one pumpkin.

Photo Sep 29, 16 24 03.jpg

Be on the look out for Toy Story 4 on Blu-Ray and DVD this October 8! Watch the movie while making Toy Story Pumpkins with the family! Thanks to my friends at Allied Global Marketing, we are gifting one lucky reader a FREE copy of Toy Story 4 on DVD! You made it this far, so the secret code word to be entered is “FORKY”. You can enter my giveaway that is open for 24 hours by going to my recent photo and commenting FORKY or in my stories there is a slide that allows you to let’s you answer my secret code!

If you do this DIY, please share your photos with me and tag me @Pattytellsall.

Happy October Friends!

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This Blog post was Sponsored by Allied Global Marketing.

Does this picnic make me Fancy?


You see that smile? This is 30! I always said for my 30th I was going to throw a big party where I had bottles and sparklers, HAHA Oh little Patty, you had high hopes and dreams LOL. But for my 30th I wanted an intimate gathering with my closes family and friends and that is exactly what I did!


Fancy Picnics is a local Houston Company that has put a fancy twist on picnics! They bring the fun to you or wherever you want. Whether it’s for an anniversary dinner, birthday lunch, or you want to pop the question, Fancy Picnics has everything you need and THEY SET EVERYTHING UP FOR YOU!! You just show up and look like the hero!

My set up was made possible with the florals from Texas Forever Florals. Locally owned in Houston and can make all your events centerpieces and your bouquets possible! I had custom rose gold stirrers made from Laser Cut Co. They went perfect in the cocktails and I added them to the center pieces for that extra touch. Laser Cut Co can literally laser ANYTHING.

I collaborated with some of the best in Houston to host a Aloha themed Fancy Picnic! I had the pleasure to have InterContinental-Houston - Medical Center host my group in their Magnolia Room that has an amazing terrace overseeing the medical center in Houston. The hotel opened up in January and is a very upscale hotel that I highly suggest. They have an beautiful bar downstairs and the aesthetics of this hotel is unreal. I cannot wait to have a stay-cation there!

Safina Houston, located inside InterContinental Houston - Medical Center Hotel provided the cocktails and savory and sweet Hors d'oeuvres! Tasty mini empanadas, Shrimp Cocktail, Bacon wrapped bacon, and so much more. Everything so was delicious and they had the perfect set up for people to grab and go.


Desserts will always be my favorite! I had the most luxurious cake from Butter Baby Bakery, seriously, this cake was almost too pretty to eat but I am so glad we did because it was TASTY!! I had custom chocolate covered strawberries by Chocolate Dips by Lisa. I didn’t send her any pictures or anything, I just told her the theme and they went with everything perfectly. Oh my sweet macarons, seriously, a pineapple made of macarons is UNREAL! How tasty and how creative is my friend from Bomb Shell Macarons!!

You see all of these photos? I had the pleasure of working with Brave McRaven with BraveMcRavenPhotography. She is a local Houston Photographer who did an amazing job with all of my photos. With literally zero direction from me she captured every single moment!

QUICKSNAPS  never fails to bring the fun to all of my events! Their photobooth has AIR DROP and y’all, that’s a big deal to me LOL! I get my pictures and boomerangs right then and there! Thank you Brenda and Noe for always being a part of my crazy!

QUICKSNAPS never fails to bring the fun to all of my events! Their photobooth has AIR DROP and y’all, that’s a big deal to me LOL! I get my pictures and boomerangs right then and there! Thank you Brenda and Noe for always being a part of my crazy!

I cannot express my gratitude to this beautiful BOSS BABE!  Ilse  is the Ceo and founder of  Connect Media Firm . She is a one stop woman shop! Ilse is a photographer, videographer, marketing guru, and content creator! She created the highlight video below! Thank you  Ilse  /  Connect Media Firm !!!!!

I cannot express my gratitude to this beautiful BOSS BABE! Ilse is the Ceo and founder of Connect Media Firm. She is a one stop woman shop! Ilse is a photographer, videographer, marketing guru, and content creator! She created the highlight video below! Thank you Ilse / Connect Media Firm!!!!!

Special Shout out to all of my sponsors - If you have any events coming up, I highly suggest contacting any of the companies listed below!!

Hotel - @interconhoustonmedctr

Food - @safinahouston

Picnic - @fancypicnics

photographer - @bravemcravenphotography

videographer - @connectmediafirm

photobooth- @quicksnapevents

flowers - @texasforeverflorals

custom stirrers - @lasercutco

cake - @ butterbabybakery

macarons - @bombshellmacarons

Custom strawberries - @chocolatedipsbylisa

Thank you to everyone who made this possible and thank you to all of my family and friends who showed up! This past year has been a whirlwind and I am exactly where I am suppose to be with the amazing people around me! #THISIS30

Thank you to everyone who made this possible and thank you to all of my family and friends who showed up! This past year has been a whirlwind and I am exactly where I am suppose to be with the amazing people around me! #THISIS30

Next week I will have 2 blog posts, the recap of my charity event, and a DIY toy story pumpkin in excitement of the release of Toy Story 4 on dvd!!

Next week I will have 2 blog posts, the recap of my charity event, and a DIY toy story pumpkin in excitement of the release of Toy Story 4 on dvd!!

Kids Meals in Houston


What does community mean to you? How does volunteering your time make you feel? Have you been wanting to give back to your community and don’t know where to start? Well, lucky for you, I have just the place where you can make a difference, you can volunteer, and you can do community outreach for a good cause.

Kids Meals is meals on wheels for preschool children and they need more volunteers to help prepare lunches and drop them off to hungry children in the Houston area.


Last Friday I used my morning off to take Eli to Kids’ Meals to volunteer some of our time. Elijah has always had it pretty easy. He is a great kid so naturally he gets whatever he wants (in a non spoiled brat kind of way lol) BUT there are times that I felt Eli didn’t realize how fortunate he was so volunteering was the one thing that I knew would open his eyes and y’all, I AM SO GLAD WE WENT! From the moment you walk in you see photographs of happy children with these brown sack lunches just smiling. Right away you know that you are doing something positive and worth every single minute of your time. We watched a video to learn more about Kids’ Meals and then we went to the back to start preparing lunches. Elijah, Tarah, and me were doing the actual packing of the lunches. We had a system going and before we realized it we had packed over 400 lunches ourselves. The time FLEW by and honestly, we could have stayed there another 2 hours just packing lunches. We as a society often take so many things for granted and being able to volunteer was SO refreshing. I left there feeling happy, knowing I helped in the community. Elijah asked if we could PLEASE come back and next time he wants to pack all the cereal in a Ziploc bag or make sandwiches.

About Kid’s Meals

Kids’ Meals is ais a 501(c)3 nonprofit whose mission is to end childhood hunger by delivering free healthy meals year-round to the doorsteps of Houston’s hungriest preschool-aged children and provide their families with resources to help end the cycle of poverty. Kids’ Meals delivers 3,100 meals a day during the school year, and up to 6,100 per day during the summer. During the summer not only do they provide lunches for preschoolers but they also provide lunch for their siblings as well. Learn more by visiting KIDSMEALSINC.ORG or Follow Kids’ Meals on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.


I have been fortunate enough to be a McDonald’s Partner and learn about everything that they do. We just see the golden arch and yummy fries but McDonald’s does SO much more than make food. They are a big partner with Kids’ Meal’s! McDonald’s makes kids happy ALL the time, whether that is with a McDonald’s Happy Meal or by helping and being a helping hand with Kids’ Meal’s. They are actually the ones who arranged my shift and I cannot wait to do to do it again!


Best Friend Tarah went with us and this is what she had to say about her experience:

Volunteering at Kids’ Meals was so humbling. From the moment you walk into the doors you can see pictures of kids that they help out, they show you a video that will have you tears and wanting to stay there to pack lunches all day. You walk into the back and they have different stations for you to help with. It amazes me that they are able to feed 6000 kids a day in the summer. It’s wonderful how the community can come together to be able to pack and deliver all those meals. It is definitely an eye opener on what is going on in our own community. We hear and see so much about everywhere else in the world but most people dont realize we have those same issues right here in Houston. It makes you realize that you take your every meal for granted. These kids are receiving a sandwich (which is just cheese and 2 slices of bread) a juice box and a little baggy full of mixed cereals. It’s hard to think that this may be the only meal the child is getting in the home. It’s heartbreaking but so rewarding to have had the opportunity to volunteer and give back to the community. I know I will for sure be back soon to help out more with this organization.
— Tarah Thomas

What can you do to help?

  • You can volunteer your time at Kids’ Meals

  • You can donate items like

    • Juice Boxes - They are doing a Juicebox challenge so this helps out a lot

    • Apple Sauce

    • Cereal

    • Bread

    • Ziploc Bags

  • Do a food drive that includes the above

  • Donate monetary value

In every community, there is work to be done. In every nation, there are wounds to heal. In every heart, there is the power to do it.
— Marianne Williamson

This is a sponsored post by McDonald’s. To learn more, please visit their instagram page here

Mix and Mingle Blogger Style

Beaching Type (1).png

Every other month I like to host a blogger social for influencers, bloggers, or anyone who wants to just meet new people. June’s mixer was hosted by Blankanvas. This gives us all a opportunity to catch up, see what projects and campaigns we are all working on and network. We often see each other at foodie events or grand openings but never get a chance to really chit chat so this is a great opportunity to do that. These events are usually FREE events or very under $20 events.

These events would not be made possible without any sponsors.

Houston Catering Concepts went ABOVE AND BEYOND any and all expectations. I literally had someone tell me “this is nicer than my wedding catering” (this was for real said LOL). They set everything and brought everything, even the florals to enhance the look of the food station. I had told all of my guest we were going to have lite bites and we had enough food for Thanksgiving dinner. They have a variety of food options for your event needs. I cannot thank them enough for how great and delicious everything turned out!

Did someone say Austin Eastciders?! You know I do not stray away from my ciders. Austin Eastciders always comes through with the flavorful ciders and my guest enjoyed it! They have a seasonal watermelon you HAVE to try. (Pineapple is still my favorite) Thanks Austin Eastciders!

How many times have you taken a photobooth picture and “emailed / text” it to yourself and either never received it or received WAY after the event?! This has happened more than once for me and it drives me insane. Luckily Quick Snap Events has the perfect photobooth with AIRDROP option. YES, AIRDROP. All my iphone users got their photos and boomerangs INSTANLY!! Quick Snap Events provided the photobooth with the backdrop and custom design. Someone come put a ring on my finger so I can hire them for my wedding LOL.


You know I had to save the best for last! Thank you BLANKANVAS for sponsoring the venue and offering blowout specials throughout the event. Krystal the owner was so sweet and on board to the event. They dolled my guest up and provided vouchers for my guest to come back and redeem for future hair and makeup services. They also had a living proof rep come out and explain many of their products and provided goodies for everyone. I cannot express my gratitude for Krystal, her staff, and Blankanvas.

Thank you to all of the babes that came out to mix and mingle!

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Houston Catering Concepts

Quick Snap Events

Austin Eastciders


Let the Summer FUN begin

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Let’s be real, summer is here and the kids are out of school and if you are anything like me, I DO NOT want my child driving me insane all summer with boredom or video games. I have complied a mini summer guide to help make planning summer events and activities a little easier.


These are camps I have personally had Eli in and I loved them! I am all about activities and making sure Eli isn’t sitting in a building bored out of his mind waiting for me to pick him up. The below camps were fun, interactive, and affordable.


If you are a working parent like myself, you may have that guilt inside of you where you wish you were spending the entire summer with your kids, I know I always feel so bad that I cannot spend the summer with Eli but I make the best of the schedule I do have. Below is a list of things you can do with the kiddos.


Budget? What’s that? LOL!! Having the kiddos at home means you are probably spending more money on food and activities. You don’t have to spend a lot of summer everyday for your kiddos to have fun. Below is a list of things that are either free, or at very low cost.


Here are a couple of cost savings passes that you can use to save money this summer.

Summer means happy times and good sunshine. It means going to the beach, going to Disneyland, having fun.

— Brian Wilson

Whatever you plan to do this summer, i hope you have a wonderful time and you get to make ever lasting memories with your loved ones. Happy Summer friends!

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Let's PAR-TEE at Topgolf

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If there is one thing that I can host, it’s a PAR-TEE and I had the privilege of collaborating with Topgolf Webster to host a Blogger event for some of my favorite Bloggers and Houston Latina bloggers. Topgolf exceeded my expectations. From the planning to the execution, I couldn’t have asked for a better place to host my blogger event.


Our Topgolf experience was one for the books. We were greeted by our Bayhost Tyler who made sure we were well taken care of from start to finish. The Director of Operations Jeff Namkin came and introduced himself and made everyone feel welcomed to be at TG Webster. Billy, their golf pro swung by and helped all of us out on our knowledge of golf. This was some of our first times even picking up a golf club (and it showed lol). He taught us the basics along with helping us with our golf swing. Let’s just say, I can sign up for the Masters tournament now. We played, socialized, ate, and had FUN.


Photo May 07, 19 23 02.jpg

As a “Foodie” (blogger who focuses on food) the food was IMPORTANT. I was quite surprised of all the food options and variety of options and dietary accommodations that they had. One of our babes cannot have gluten and some dairy and our bay host Tyler knew exactly what she could order and made great suggestions. We ordered a little bit of everything

  • Chips and queso

  • Pepperoni Flatbread

  • Topgolf Wings

  • Steak Signature Nachos


  • Farmhouse Flatbread

Topgolf is perfect for

  • Date night

  • Family day

  • Kids fun

  • Girls night out / Boys night out

  • Group gatherings

  • Birthdays / group events / corporate events

Pretty much Topgolf is great for any occasion you you could think of.

Current promotions

Photo May 07, 21 12 59 (1).jpg

Summer Fun Pass

Buy a Summer Fun Pass and enjoy unlimited Topgolf game play for you and up to 5 guests per visit - weekdays until 5 p.m. - from Memorial Day to Labor Day


$149 per pass*Buy pass in advance and save! Must purchase by 5/26/19.


$199 per pass*

Starting 5/27/19

Kids Summer Academy

Topgolf Kids Summer Academy is 5 days of non-stop entertainment and learning that kids will love. The program includes all of the components that make up the great game of golf.

Get more information HERE || Register HERE

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STAAR Test prep with McDonald's

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. It is what starts our entire day and what we put into our bodies is quite important. As a busy mom I am very guilty of just giving Eli a pop tart, a bowl of cereal, or something I can throw into the microwave for less than a minute. It happens, let’s be honest. It’s normal and you have no idea how many of us mom’s are running around like a chicken with our head cut off.

Something to keep in mind is on test days it is very important and crucial to have a high protein nourishing breakfast.

Next Tuesday our students will start STAAR testing. This can be nerve wrecking for your child and there are so many things you can do to prepare for Test day! Get enough sleep, give your child all the encouragement and positive vibes and A HEALTHY BREAKFAST.

McDonald’s wants to make sure that every student is provided with a breakfast that will have our kiddos test ready! Yep, you read that correctly, McDonald’s will be providing FREE breakfast to students from 3rd grade to 8th grade.



TUESDAY, APRIL 9th - 6am to 9am

Houston area McDonald’s restaurants are giving students and teachers FREE BREAKFAST to kick off STAAR testing!


3rd to 8th grade students and teachers can receive free breakfast to start the STAAR testing period on Tuesday, April 9, from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., Houston area McDonald’s restaurants will provide free breakfast to students taking the STAAR (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness) test and their teachers.

Limit one breakfast per student or teacher only. Dine-in only. Student must be present and accompanied by a parent or legal aged guardian.


Here are the choices for your students FREE breakfast:

  • Choice of: Egg White Delight McMuffin or Fruit and Maple Oatmeal

  • Choice of: 1% Low Fat Milk or Apple Juice

  • Apple Slices

Whether you go for the Oatmeal or you get the egg white mcmuffin, Mcdonald’s wants to provide the most nutritional breakfast to feed your tummy and your brain. We know us parents can have busy mornings but McDonald’s has a lot of nutritional choices for everyone in the family. Make sure to get some coffee for yourself. Their McCafe’s are tasteful and get the caffeinated job done! The mocha Frappe is my absolute favorite.

Follow McDonald’s Houston on instagram -@McdonaldsHouston

Follow McDonald’s Houston on instagram -@McdonaldsHouston


Good luck to all of the students taking the STAAR test!

Remember to take your time, double check your answers, and just do your absolute best!


This is a sponsored post by McDonald’s. To learn more, please visit the Facebook event page here

Boss Babes in March


March came and went in a blink of an eye. I celebrated International Women’s Month throughout all of March. Women have come a very long way and still have a very long way to go but we are getting there day by day. I wanted to do something special to celebrate women. Being connected to so many amazing women you never know what one person can do for another. To show my appreciation for these women, I put together an intimate event hosted by The Rustic Brush in Sugarland.

The Rustic Brush is located all around Houston and it is an amazing crafting experience. How it works is you pick a design and you create your project from start to finish. First you sand your wood, stain it, and use your handy WOman skills to put the wood pieces together. You get to pick your colors for your design and create your own master piece in your own unique way.

IMG_6267 2.JPG

I am so appreciative of all of my sponsors and businesses that collaborated with me for this event. I really wanted to shine some light to these businesses that are not only local but are owned by WOMEN!!


Brand new business in Katy!! The cheese bar put together the most beautiful charcuterie board for my event. This is a hispanic woman owned business! She puts so much detail and thought into her boards and everything was fresh and tasty! Gracias!!

Find her on Instagram to get your charcuterie board for any of your events.

You know I couldn’t have an event without my best friend’s COOKIES!

Kookieskat is a one WOman bakery. She does it ALL.

She made custom cookies and had special packaging for all of my gals!

Heaven in a Jar is located in Sugarland and is a mother and daughter business.

Their desserts WERE TO DIE FOR! My favorite was the Brownie delight.

Find them on Instagram and check out their location in Sugarland. Let them know PattyTellsAll referred you!

I cannot express my gratitude to Cholé, Owner of Mixologi - My drink bomb.

She is the definition of a total BOSS BABE. Her drink bombs are so refreshing and now you can even purchase them at participating SPEC’s!

You can find Mixologi on Facebook or Instagram!

The succulent bar provided the cutest succulents for my guest to take home! Finishing the extra detail with Glamfetti’s boss babe toppers!

Made sure these ladies had some fuel for the event and for the rest of their morning!

Thank you HighBrew Coffee!

It’s not a Patty event without Austin East Ciders!

Thank you so much to The Rustic Brush for being such a great host!

They host any kind of event and they do weekly classes!

Check them out on Instagram or their website!

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.
— Hellen Keller