The Montrose Studio

Do you believe in LOVE at first sight? Because I didn't until NOW!


Many of you may not know this, but I have been doing photography for 6 years now. I am by no means a professional, but I enjoy every little thing about being a photographer. All of my work is done outdoors with natural lighting. I spend a lot of time researching new techniques, places to shoot, and themed ideas. One thing that I never do is photograph indoors. For starters, I do not have the equipment for it, and second, I didn't have the space to do so.

Since I am always behind the lens I don't have many photos with my son or of myself. I wanted to do a mini shoot for us, but I wanted something FUN, something different. Something that stood out and represented who we are as a family.  One of my best friends is a very well- known baker in Katy, TX, "KookiesKat." I told her I wanted some pictures, and she also wanted pictures. She could do a bio of the baker at KookiesKat. So there, it was decided, we were going to do photos, BUT WHERE?!


I first learned about The Montrose Studios at an HTX Boss Babe event. They had this cute set up where people could take pictures, selfies, and boomerangs! I started to follow them on Instagram and instantly loved their content! I knew if there was anywhere I wanted to tryout, that it was this place. I contacted them and originally rented the studio for an hour. I started thinking I really wanted to take full advantage and capture as many photos as possible. So I contacted The Montrose Studio and they were SO nice and accommodating that I ended up booking an additional hour.

So the day came and we arrived to the studio. I honestly had no idea of what to expect.  I arrived to a house and I thought I was in the wrong place, until I saw the balloons and the banner. I unloaded all of my stuff and I was greeted by Maria. She gave me a tour of the studio and got me all set up with music. She answered any and all of my questions, and she was so welcoming. She left, and it was show time. 

Photo Mar 25, 06 15 05.jpg

The confetti room is as fun as it sounds. The ground is covered in colorful confetti. The "backdrop" is a waterfall of colorful balloons of all sizes. They also had different inflatables and pinatas for props that you could incorporate into your pictures. This room is the perfect room for birthday, graduation, and small family pictures. As shown in the pictures, this room screams FUN! We were laughing and having so much fun and it shows through all of the pictures.


This room is every girls DREAM. It is so girly and vibrant. As soon as you walk in, there is an inflatable rainbow and a 4 ft tall unicorn. The ground is covered in white confetti so you can throw it up and capture it in your pictures. One wall has pearl streamers with purple flashing string lights. This room is perfect for a girls picture session or a cake smash session.

Photo Mar 25, 07 03 55.jpg

You can tell that the studio put a lot of thought into their designs and themes. They are currently working on a spring themed backdrop. A sneak of their set up is above. 


Do keep in mind that the studio changes the rooms up and have different themes. The thing I liked is that you can rent the studio space and bring your own photographer. They have photographers they work with and can recommend, or you can bring one of your own. Shoot, you can even pull out your iPhone and put it on portrait mode. Another thing that really makes it all worth it is that IT DOES NOT BREAK THE BANK. The prices are beyond reasonable. I rented the studio for 2 hours and I had enough time to take all the photos and boomerangs I wanted. 

Click above to Follow @TheMontroseStudios on Instagram!

Click above to Follow @TheMontroseStudios on Instagram!

To learn more about The Montrose Studios, I have provided the link to their website below.

I am actually making preparations to do mini sessions this April depending on availability. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me! I will be posting details on my personal IG - @PattyTellsAll and my photography IG - @PattyPicsPhotography

As always, thank you all for stopping by!

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Photo Credits - Kathleen Rios & PattyPicsPhotography // Photo edits - PattyPicsPhotography