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We take baseball serious here in the south!

This past week I had the opportunity to check out The Cage before its grand opening. My son Elijah has been playing baseball for 5 years and I am definitely one of "those baseball moms" When Jennifer (the owner) asked me to check it out I was thrilled. The first thing that I noticed when I got there was this awesome mural that was painted by local artist, Franky Cardona. Not only was the mural very well created but HELLO, it's the ASTROS! If that isn't encouragement enough, I don't know what is.  



The Cage is family owned and it is located in the Heights. It's a central location for people around Houston. It's physical address is, 6504 N. Main Street, Houston 77009. The heights is growing and they are developing a lot around the area. When driving down main, make sure to slow down because if you are not paying attention, chances are you will pass it up, and trust me, YOU DO NOT want to pass up this awesome baseball facility. 



In order to get the best out of a batting session, you want to have the best equipment and The Cage did not disappoint with their pitching machine. It's not JUST a pitching machine, it's an Iron Mike and many batting cages don't have these. This machine has an arm style pitch and coaches and baseball players prefer this kinda of machine. When batting you want persistence, accuracy, and you want to every swing to be the greatest swing you have taken. The Cage has the equipment and the training for that.  


The Cage will offer various ways of utilizing their space and services. They will have memberships, hourly rates, team rates, and one on one training. They offer machine pitch and live pitch. They will have trained professionals to get your child or team exactly where they want to be.  In the hour and a half that Elijah and I were there, Eli had already improved on his catching and his form. I was really impressed with the one on one we had because in other batting cages we usually just have machine pitch and that's about it. At The Cage we had someone watching Elijah and getting a feel of what level he was at and how to improve and what needed to be fixed. The Cage will be open to the public and hours will be posted on their social media channels soon; as well as our website which is set to go live on May 14!



Jennifer and her husband are the owners of The Cage. I asked Jennifer, What made you want to open up The Cage?

"As a baseball family in the Heights, we have always had to travel far to have an indoor training space when Houston’s weather was hot, cold or wet. The opportunity to provide this space to the surrounding leagues is an opportunity to help foster the love for baseball to Houston’s youth and that’s something we’re very proud of and excited about." -Jennifer Medina

Can we stay longer
— Elijah Heath

It is safe to say that The Cage is definitely what I look for in an indoor batting cage and baseball facility. The Cage is having their grand opening, Monday, May 14th! They will have a ribbon cutting ceremony right at 4pm. I highly encourage everyone to stop by Saturday, May 5th as the new facility will be hosting tours every half hour from noon to 6 p.m. 

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Thank you to The Cage for allowing me to check out the facility and have that one on one training! I cannot wait to return and have Elijah get those swings in! 

Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts are completely my own based on my experience.