Just INSTA good, or REAL life good

Let's be real, if you're involved on instagram, sometimes you find yourself doing things and taking pictures JUST for the gram. I am completely guilty of letting my food get cold so I can get the perfect picture. My friend's already know, if you have something delicious and colorful, I WILL take a picture of your food. Lately I have been seeing a lot of trending Houston dessert spots. I wondered for a while if these places are actually good, or if they were just for the instagram likes?! Of course, I needed to find out. I looked for some of the most popular and trending spots and I took matters into my own hands. I will let you know if the places below are JUST for the gram, or if it's worth breaking the diet for! 

Warning!, you may drool, possibly have strong cravings, and probably skip lunch and go straight to dessert.


Location - 9889 Bellaire Blvd D232, Houston, TX 77036

I know you have seen this "I got served in Houston" sign. Aqua S is my dream instagram spot! They have so many choices for just photo opts. The sign is the most popular but they also have a wall painted with fluffy clouds and they have a perfect spot with angels wings to show your innocent side. They have soft serve ice cream and with my luck, I went on National Chocolate ice cream day, so they had belgian chocolate ice cream on deck! I added "fairy floss" to my cone, which is a fancy name for cotton candy. The soft serve was very tasty, the fairy floss is for sure just for the gram. Elijah added a toasted marshmallow to his ice cream and he was on a sugar high. Is this just for the gram? Eh, it honestly is a perfect spot to take many pictures but they ice cream itself is good. The extra add ons are in my opinion, just for the likes.



Location - 9188 Bellaire Blvd Suite B, Houston, TX 77036

Bubble Egg definitely surpassed my expectations on taste. IT WAS DELICIOUS!  I honestly did not know what to expect but the bubble egg waffle is so soft and sweet. Not too sweet, but enough to compliment your ice cream. They offer different flavors of ice cream and some of their ice cream flavors are well know brands like Blue Bell and Dreyer's.  They have many toppings to pick from, from fruity pebbles to chocolate chips. The actual spot is fairly small but they make sure they have a lot of seating. Staff is very helpful and kind and they walk you through the steps of ordering. This dessert is more than a picture for the gram. I HIGHLY suggest Bubble Egg.



Location - 4444 Westheimer Rd C150, Houston, TX 77027

TAKE ME BACK!! OMG, y'all, I just found my new favorite dessert spot. Amorino is way more than a pretty cone. They have some of the best gelato I have had in Houston. I never realized how much I liked gelato until I tried this place. This place is worth every penny! Please, take all my money!!! They have over 12 flavors to choose from and I am not a big fruity ice cream fan but their strawberry was perfection. Besides gelato they have macarons and strong coffee. You can actually add a macaron to your gelato. They suggest you pick 4 flavors to ensure your dessert is full of flavor and the more choices, the bigger and prettier your rose is. They don't charge per flavors. You pay the flat cone fee and then get adventurous with your flavors. Hands down, this is my # 1 spot. NOT only will you get the best picture for the gram but you will leave Amorino wanting more! 



Location - 3636 Rice Boulevard, Houston, TX 77005

I think Tiny's has some of the best, soft, chocolate chip cookies. You can go can just get one cookie, or you can get a dozen. Tiny's sells their cookie dough so you can grab a bucket of dough and let your loved ones think you baked them from scratch. Tiny's is actually a TINY spot, it's like a walk thru dessert spot. Besides cookies, they have 4-5 ice cream flavors. Their milk and cookies flavor has chunks of their chocolate chips cookies and on a scale from 1-10, it's a HIGH 9! They have a denim blue wall that you can take pictures at and they have 2 cute bikes that you can get a cute summer time photo at. This place is more than a gram worthy picture!

IMG_1593 2.jpg


Location - 6838 Ranchester Dr, Houston, TX 77036

If you like Churros, this is your place. When I first got there I did not even know where to start. They have pictures of different choices to help you along the way. They have 4 different churros you can pick from. We ordered the oreo churro. You can pick your ice cream and then add toppings. The ice cream was good and the churro complimented the ice cream and did not over do it. I am not the biggest churro fan so this place was not up my alley. If you ask my friend, it is one of her favorite spots. For me, this was just for the gram. 

IMG_8400 2.jpg


Location - 1045 Studewood St, Houston, TX 77008

This funfetti cake was so fluffy and rich. It was so good that I had a hard time sharing it. Red dessert dive is located in the Heights and their staff is what makes this place. I wish I would have gotten the guy's name who helped me out, because he was the definition of amazing hospitality. Red dessert not only has cake but they have coffee and their latte art is A+. Their cake is worth the picture but it's taste is everything and more. This spot is voted Patty taste approved! 


If I had to put in order my recommendations from the first one being the best and the last being just for the gram it would go as follows; Amorino, Bubble Egg, Aqua S, Tiny's Milk and Cookies, Red Dessert Dive, and Red Circle. I hope you get to try if not all, at least one of these dessert spots! Share your awesome pictures with me and let me know what you think of your choice of dessert.


Disclaimer: These are all my opinions and are not in any way sponsored by the featured locations.