National Best Friend Day

“A friend is one who overlooks your broken fence and admires the flowers in your garden.”

This blog post is something different, something I usually wouldn't share because let's be honest, we only share what we want people to know and I share a part of my life but never with full emotions. I promise, this isn't some sappy post, you won't cry, well, unless you're a lady and it's "shark week" then maybe you will. This post is an appreciation post.

Sarah Joy

Sarah Joy is my longest "relationship" and by that I mean, we have been friends for almost 14 years. We met freshman year at Hastings High School and we hit it off ever since. We swore we looked alike and every opportunity we had we would tell someone we were twins or somehow related. Now we pretend to be girlfriends at the bar when someone tries to hit on us. Oh how times have changed. Sarah is my son's godmother. She is the friend that you look for, for the honest truth. Even if she knows it may be something you do not want to hear, she will tell you anyways because she just wants the best for you. Sarah is my down ass girl and in 14 years we haven't stopped communication. I text her pre-text and ask her if this is okay to send. I send her snapchats of outfits I am not sure about and trust me, she will tell me if it is a YAY or NAY!  I can honestly say she has been there for everything since high school.

Tarah Ann

My first big girl roommate. Tarah and I became friends AFTER high school,  we knew of each other but hung out in different group of friends. We of course had one main mutual friend, HEY SARAH! Tarah and I got close one summer, not too sure how it happened, but it did and I am forever grateful it did. T is the friend that when you need something, she will drop everything and everything for you. No matter the time, no matter the cause, she is there. I honestly don't know how many times I have ran out of gas and had her rescue me. T and I got an apartment together when Elijah was a toddler and she was seriously the best roommate. She cooked, cleaned, and even let me lay in bed and watch tv with her when times got tough. She is really the most selfless person that I know. She will give you her last dollar JUST so you don't have to struggle. She's the friend, we all need.

Kathleen KookiesKat

My partner in crime and business partner. We may not have a business together, but we uplift and help each other in both of our businesses. Kathleen and I met when I was probably in my early teens from family friends. We never really paid attention to each other. As we got older and had kids, we would invite each other to our kids parties and little by little it was more than just kids parties. One day something just clicked and we realized we had a friendship that was indescribable. My good ole friend is an LA Cali gal and she takes ZERO shits from anyone, to be honest, I was a little scared of her for a while. Kathleen has something really special about her, she is self driven and doesn't stop the grind. She does what she needs to for her family and her friends and she has such a giving heart. We bounce ideas off of each other and I thank her for being one of my first PattyPics paying customers. Kathleen has been there for some tough times, breakups and as the "gangster" that she is she would say, "I don't know why you're crying, pick yourself up, you will be okay". She is someone who I can count on and someone who motivates me to be a great mom and an even beter person.


Paula and I met around 4 years ago at Topgolf. We both worked in marketing and to be honest, she was too spunky for me. Paula taught me not to judge a book by it's cover. Underneath her blonde curls and colored eyes, was a girl with the biggest heart and generous soul. We got close when I was getting out of a very unhealthy relationship and we were coming back from a marketing event, she could tell something was wrong and she is who heard me out for hours and let me cry and cry until I had no more tears to shed. After that day, we have been inseparable. Paula is more than a best friend, she is like a younger sister who my own family has pretty much adopted. I can call P and midnight and tell her I want cake and her response will be "Are you driving or am I?" She is there in a heartbeat and doesn't make any excuses. She's my sporting events partner and she never judges me for taking too many naps. At her age she has accomplished so much and I am truly so proud of her. Paula is very special to me. She's more than my best friend, she is family.


Oh sister! She had no choice but take me in because I was the baby!!  My sister and I have come a VERY LONG way. From what you see I may look like a super fun, bubbly person, but I am one moody gal with an attitude from hell. My sister has heard and seen it all from me. She has seen me shut down, break down, and no matter what she has lifted me up any way she could. We are sisters and she literally can drive me insane but there has never been a time that I could not count on her. She is so family orientated and I admire that, A LOT. She doesn't skip a beat and she is there to help in any way she can. I may not say this enough or at all, but I do really admire her and the person who she has become. We may bump heads but she was my first friend. And if there is someone that you will never forget, it's your first best friend.

Oh man, I feel like I have been cutting onions. I know this is a little different than what I usually post, but I want everyone to know that friendships are so valuable. People come and go from your lives and then you have people that come into your life, and stay, make an impact and that is what each one of these ladies have done. You have impacted my life in one way or another and you have had my back. I am forever grateful for these friendships.

xoxo patty.png

P.S. Next week I will be sharing some dessert places that are insta worthy! Grab your best friend and make it a dessert date!