The Cage Houston

We take baseball serious here in the south!

This past week I had the opportunity to check out The Cage before its grand opening. My son Elijah has been playing baseball for 5 years and I am definitely one of "those baseball moms" When Jennifer (the owner) asked me to check it out I was thrilled. The first thing that I noticed when I got there was this awesome mural that was painted by local artist, Franky Cardona. Not only was the mural very well created but HELLO, it's the ASTROS! If that isn't encouragement enough, I don't know what is.  



The Cage is family owned and it is located in the Heights. It's a central location for people around Houston. It's physical address is, 6504 N. Main Street, Houston 77009. The heights is growing and they are developing a lot around the area. When driving down main, make sure to slow down because if you are not paying attention, chances are you will pass it up, and trust me, YOU DO NOT want to pass up this awesome baseball facility. 



In order to get the best out of a batting session, you want to have the best equipment and The Cage did not disappoint with their pitching machine. It's not JUST a pitching machine, it's an Iron Mike and many batting cages don't have these. This machine has an arm style pitch and coaches and baseball players prefer this kinda of machine. When batting you want persistence, accuracy, and you want to every swing to be the greatest swing you have taken. The Cage has the equipment and the training for that.  


The Cage will offer various ways of utilizing their space and services. They will have memberships, hourly rates, team rates, and one on one training. They offer machine pitch and live pitch. They will have trained professionals to get your child or team exactly where they want to be.  In the hour and a half that Elijah and I were there, Eli had already improved on his catching and his form. I was really impressed with the one on one we had because in other batting cages we usually just have machine pitch and that's about it. At The Cage we had someone watching Elijah and getting a feel of what level he was at and how to improve and what needed to be fixed. The Cage will be open to the public and hours will be posted on their social media channels soon; as well as our website which is set to go live on May 14!



Jennifer and her husband are the owners of The Cage. I asked Jennifer, What made you want to open up The Cage?

"As a baseball family in the Heights, we have always had to travel far to have an indoor training space when Houston’s weather was hot, cold or wet. The opportunity to provide this space to the surrounding leagues is an opportunity to help foster the love for baseball to Houston’s youth and that’s something we’re very proud of and excited about." -Jennifer Medina

Can we stay longer
— Elijah Heath

It is safe to say that The Cage is definitely what I look for in an indoor batting cage and baseball facility. The Cage is having their grand opening, Monday, May 14th! They will have a ribbon cutting ceremony right at 4pm. I highly encourage everyone to stop by Saturday, May 5th as the new facility will be hosting tours every half hour from noon to 6 p.m. 

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Thank you to The Cage for allowing me to check out the facility and have that one on one training! I cannot wait to return and have Elijah get those swings in! 

Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts are completely my own based on my experience. 


Valentine's Day ALREADY?


It seems like just yesterday we were counting down the seconds to 2018. It's safe to say that January flew by. February is here and the pressure is on! Valentine's day is around the corner and if you are anything like me, You have no idea of what to do, where to go or what to get your significant other. IF you already have plans made, gift's ordered, and deliveries lined up, I applaud you! But for the rest of us, here's a little guidance for Valentine's Day!

Status: In a Relationship

If you fall under this category, the pressure is on.

GUYS - you can go ahead and thank me in advance because I am about to give you some very helpful tips.

Ladies, be a little bold and send your man the link to this blog post, he will get the hint!

GUYS - If your girlfriend, fiance , or wife told you they didn't want anything, IT IS A TRAP. Let's be honest, we always want something. We may not know what we want but if on Valentine's you come home empty handed, we pretend like we don't care and turn around and text our best friends to complain (Ladies, we should REALLY stop doing that, you know you want something). We (ladies) can be complicated but if there is one thing that I think most of us can agree on, are FLOWERS. Ladies who love flowers, love receiving them at work even more (HINT HINT GUYS).  Below you can find some beautiful, custom flower arrangements that your lady WILL LOVE.

Creative Creation Designs are providing their clients free delivery for this collection in their delivery region.  Make sure to place your orders before Feb 12.


If flowers aren't her thing, NO PROBLEM! There are other options for you. Tiff's Treats are located all around the Houston area and delivery is usually only $5!! Tiff's Treats have some of the tastiest cookies and they have an option for Valentine themed packaging. Another option are chocolate covered strawberries. Both Edible arrangements and Shari's berries deliver in the Houston area.

If you are on a tight budget and want to do an experience, picnics are always a win! I begged my boyfriend for months to take me on a picnic and last year for Valentine's we had our picnic. At first I was like, what if people look at us like we are weird....but once we got to Discovery Green we saw many couples on a picnic. We packed a basket with sandwiches, fruits, and drinks and laid out a blanket and enjoyed our company. It was really nice and the weather was wonderful. We maybe spent $10-15 on food. You can also do take out and eat it at a park as well. 

If the tight budget is not an issue, make dinner reservations, better yet, movie and a dinner. This may not be your cup of tea, but Fifty Shades Freed will be in theaters by then. I think they purposely did that so it would line up with Valentine's. Houston has endless possibilities and there are places like, Town Center (Sugarland), La Centerra (Cinco Ranch / Katy), City Centre (Houston) that you can go to and find restaurants, dessert spots, and sitting areas just to relax.

Ladies, Valentine's isn't only for the guys to spoil us, we need to spoil our man too! This is just where we get the cheaper end of the trade. You know your man better than anyone else. Do something sweet, something he's maybe want wanting or dress up into something nice for him. Valentine's is about showing your love and gratitude, so step out of your comfort zone a little and I promise you he will appreciate it! If you are a definite gift giver (LIKE ME) and have no clue of what to get your significant other, get creative. What does he enjoy doing, what are some of his favorites? Does he have an amazon list? If he likes beer, make him a beer basket with different beers, if he likes to work out, get him some new workout gear. Guys in my opinion are a lot more simple than us women.

Status: It's Complicated

If you fall under this category and you are in between, do I get them something or plan something? Do I act like it's just a regular day and not mention it? Well, this is where it gets a little tricky. If you aren't wanting anything serious and are unsure of the situation, DO NOT lead someone on with the sweetest and romantic gesture. It will confuse the situation. If you are really digging the person, take the next step and do something nice and sweet. This goes for both, a man and a woman. I get it, dating is complicated and if you are in the early stages of a relationship or in the "I don't know what we are" stage, that's fine too. A small gesture will go a long way. The tips from the "In relationship" status can still be applied in your your current status but you have to make sure this is what you want. Like I mentioned, a sweet gesture will have someone on cloud 9 and will unwrap more feelings. If you think things are a little too fresh and you don't know where you guys stand, don't feel pressured to do anything. At the end of the day, only you know how you feel and if you don't want to make a big deal out of Valentine's, then don't. Just know, actions speak volumes.

Status: Single (all the single ladies put your hands up)

If you're single and feeling bummed out about it, DON'T! Valentine's is not only about couples. This is where you can show anyone, that you care and love them! I love my gal's and this is a fun time to be able to send them something to make their day!

Here are some ideas you can do for your gals!

Snail Mail- Everyone loves mail. We are living in a generation where everything is electronic. I don't know about you, but I love receiving mail. Target and Francesca's have so many cute Valentine's cards and really funny ones also. Get a card, write a sweet note, seal it with a kiss and send it off!

Starbucks Gift Card - Starbucks makes it really easy to send someone a gift card, you can either pick one up at your local Starbucks or you can go online and purchase a gift card and have it delivered!

Galentine’s is the new Valentine’s!
— Patty or probably Amy Poehler

Something that my friends and I are making a tradition of this year is having a Galentine's Party! This is when you and your gals hang out, drink wine, and play games. Target actually has the BEST Galentine's decoration in the $1-$5 section!

If you would rather attend an event, HTX Boss Babes and Make(her)Boutique have partnered with bumblebff; to throw a Galentine's party, Saturday, February 10th from 3pm-8pm. This is a FREE event and IF you haven't been to any of HTX Boss Babes events, you are missing out! Anyone who reserves their free ticket, will receive a free bumblebff swag bag!

Incase you have no clue what bumblebff is, I'll break it down for you. Originally it was a dating app, it was in between tinder,  plenty of fish, and hinge. " Bumble users were requesting the ability to keep the app when they were in a relationship, because they had found friends on the app." ( They provided a feature to switch to a dating profile, to a friend profile. This is perfect for people who want to make new friend's, or just meet new people.

Regardless of your relationship status, Valentine's day is about LOVE. Do something you love for yourself, for your friend, or your significant other. Putting your heart into whatever you do will make it special. From me to you and your loved ones, hope your Valentine's is as special as you!